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The game is divided into 2 parts: before and after establishing the relationship.These 2 parts are further divided into specific types of relationships.It sure did a good job of distracting from that other Nintendo DS game where you touch underage girls inappropriately to determine if they’re witches. Japanese birth rates might be plummeting, but this appears to be due to broader societal shifts.Though Love Plus was a sales success, particularly by dating-sim standards, it did only sell to approximately 0.2% of the country’s population (and me).Think Animal Crossing if you replaced your village with an anime girl, and if instead of growing weeds she gradually grows contempt towards you for not talking to her enough.Your girlfriend practically demands that you check in with her every day, or at least text her.Personally I spent the day slaving over a Word document, trying my hardest to convey my true feelings on a truly bizarre romance.

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While I stubbornly refuse to throw away my dignity and have lovely little chats with the anime girl who lives in my DS, the technology is really neat.The player can choose how he addresses himself: it can be 俺 (ore, male-specific form of I, rather boastful) or 僕 (boku, non gender-specific, more humble form of I).This might seem unimportant to the average player, however it is a cultural nuance, very important in Japanese society. If a player neglects the game for several days, they should expect drastic changes in their girlfriend's attitude, personality and overall "satisfaction" level. The establishment of a relationship should be considered as a prologue - the actual dating part is the core of the game.Failing to get a girlfriend by the end of this period (yes, you can reject them) results in becoming trapped in a time loop and forced to relive your high school days over and over.Or at least I assume that’s what happens since I somehow hooked up with Manaka.

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