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Games tend to stay away from handling romantic relationships, especially when compared to other mediums, so I was curious to see if this Nintendo DS title was really as original (and weird) as I’d heard. But as someone who is fascinated in the potential of games to blend narrative and gameplay in developing fictional relationships, Love Plus is an incredibly interesting, albeit flawed take on interactive romance.

So can love truly blossom between a grown man and a DS cartridge? The game begins as a fairly standard dating sim in the vein of Konami’s own Tokimeki Memorial series.

The list of questions and answers that are recognised is a bit restrictive (and all in Japanese, naturally), but it’s an entertainingly awkward feature.

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Granted, it is all cute teenage romance stuff – there isn’t really anything racier than kissing and holding hands – but you potentially touch places that would get me fifteen years in prison if Manaka was a Real Girl.

While getting a girl to confess her feelings for you typically marks the end of this kind of game, in Love Plus it’s only the beginning.

After the credits roll, you have the option of continuing the game in “real-time” mode, where each day advances based on the DS’s built-in clock.

Think Animal Crossing if you replaced your village with an anime girl, and if instead of growing weeds she gradually grows contempt towards you for not talking to her enough.

Your girlfriend practically demands that you check in with her every day, or at least text her.

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