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Interpreting an e KASPER report requires in-depth medical and pharmaceutical knowledge, which means the provider must review each e KASPER report that is requested to be in compliance with regulations and to help ensure appropriate patient treatment.Can I see a list of reports that my delegate has requested on my behalf?If there is not an exact match (e.g., a recent address change for the delegate), the verification may be turned off by selecting “other type” in the drop down box of the ID field.A message stating the MAH will assume responsibility for the delegate’s identity will display. The delegate can use the same login information as long as they were registered by each MAH using the same first name, last name, date of birth, and last four digits of their Social Security Number.Inappropriate use is against the law and should be reported to the Drug Enforcement and Professional Practices Branch at (502) 564-7985 for assistance. To deactivate the delegate, log on to your Master Account.Select “Administration.” Click the “Select” link under “View Details” for the chosen delegate. e KASPER Master Account Holders (MAHs) are permitted by statute to establish delegates to request e KASPER reports on their behalf. Master Account Holders are not required to have a delegate.

Then, fill in the required information and click “Automatically Add Delegate.” The Driver’s License information will be verified against the Kentucky Department of Transportation database.

My delegate requested an e KASPER report for me, but another provider’s name shows up as the requestor. If so, you should discuss with your delegate to make sure the delegate understands how to select you from the provider drop down box and to ensure this doesn’t continue to happen.

It is important that the e KASPER reports requested for your patients are logged under your Master Account.

Can’t my delegate just tell me if the e KASPER report contains suspicious or problematic information?

Under licensing board regulations, the to review the e KASPER reports.

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