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The photo has to be straight on with the head straight up and down.Other signs are more subtle, such as codes on the document that need to square with other codes.They will start emailing with them or making phone calls. The slightly savvier will seek proof that the person really is who they say they are, such as by sending a scan of her passport.Eventually, naturally, the men will start pursuing a chance to meet up face-to-face. To verify that the passport is authentic, some of the paramours turn to a passport authentication service such as Simkomat to assess whether or not it’s real.

The service is free.“This is our small contribution to the fight against scammers,” Artem wrote.“We use 62 signs of fake for Russian internal passport and about 40 signs for all other passports,” Subbotin Artem, the CEO of Terminal Solutions, which runs Simkomat, wrote the Observer in an email.It uses digital forensics to assess whether or not the digital document is likely to correspond to a real one. Imagine yourself in a real life dating situation and asking the person you’ve been seeing for legal documents before moving the relationship any further forward. Men are reluctant to ask such questions, because it would be off-putting to a real potential partner. Terminal Solutions put us in touch with several of their customers who have used the service and spotted a phony passport before taking a relationship further. Here’s some more detail from two of those.“Michael” from Texas told us that he spent two months emailing with a woman in Russia.There’s also some publicly available databases, such as ones that report lost passports.Finally, Simkomat can detect evidence of digital manipulation of the file.

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