Dating sports fans

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"I hate baseball."She added, though, that it is a two-way street. Any boy who can't spend a Sunday watching at least one game can't hang with me."That's the thing: Such passionate obsessions seem entirely irrational... But that's OK; in fact, when taken advantage of properly, a partner's unrelenting sports addiction can be turned into a free pass for you to develop a passion of your own."Competing with professional athletes is exhausting," a 31-year-old who's married to a sports fanatic joked to me when I asked about her husband's sports obsession.

"Find a hobby that can fill the void during games, like erotic novels.

I've always been a fervent, often irrational, sports fan. I love my teams whether or not they love me back, and I couldn't care less about how obsessed people say I am when it comes to showing my support. Dating a sports fan isn't always the easiest thing in the world, but the pros far outweigh the cons when you break it down.The two started chatting during March Madness 2014, bonding over a mutual love of the Wichita St. Bonding on Fancred led to Facebook messages, which led to Joey flying from Las Vegas to spend a weekend with Mc Kenzie at her home in Kansas in September 2014.The two continued visiting each other fairly often after that, but Walker says they were ready for marriage even before meeting in person.When Graig and I first met, it was the second week of the NFL season, and football provided us with an immediate connection.He was impressed with my stacked fantasy roster; I was impressed that he was a Giants fan who wasn't entirely insufferable.

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