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He seems like a really great guy, sophisticated, nice, intelligent and pretty established.

I definitely feel an attraction and chemistry but dont know if I should even entertain the thought.

If you are wishy-washy at all about itn then you may be in for a storm. Then whatever anyone says (including your parents) doesn't matter. AND MORE IMPORTANTLY what YOU think about what they think. You are worried about what's going to happen, you are dreading breaking the news... If they don't like it will it tear you apart inside?

People will say bad things and people will say good things. you are absolutely right about being confident in what i'm doing, and i DO believe in what i am doing with him. There really is no way you can know what they will think... Will it tear apart the relationship you believe in?

I take very good care of myself however even so, you can't take away every risk or chance.

I also know plenty of older men and women whom are healthier, fitter and more active than their much younger counterparts.

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But he is laid up sick all the time, and thinks going around the block is going for a walk, whereas both her and I don't feel we've even begun to excercise till we've done a few to several miles.

So I'd rather just end things before they begin if I don't want to end up with him. I have seen that happen a few times in my own family anyway.

Chances are in my own relationship (which is not an "age gap" deal though) I will be the one facing serious health risks (cancer) in 10 or 20 years, while he will plug along to a ripe old age quite healthily like the rest of his family does!

Anyway, this is a really "you have to do what is right for you" scenario - you are both adults and it really is about what YOU feel.

My dad was 16 years older than my mum and they eventually got divorced.

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