Dating site scams ghana

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“Sherroll Foster was looking forward to a comfortable retirement prior to becoming involved with this scam.

She now faces financial ruin and extensive, long-term debt.

Some months later, Foster allowed the scammers to use her own bank account for other women to transfer funds.

At the same time, the gang was targeting other victims in the UK, specifically women over 60 who used dating websites.

Other victims Police said two additional victims were told a very similar story relating to gold in Ghana.

However, they were not prepared to send money abroad, but instead agreed to send their money to their internet friend’s ‘mother’, Foster, as she had a UK bank account.

Foster did not receive a custodial sentence as she had already spent a year on bail and lost more than £65,000 (about €75,000) of her own savings.

The judge ordered her to pay back £3,500 (about €4,000).

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Falsified passport used in an actual internet romance scam.“If someone online that you have never met in person asks you for money it is highly likely that it is a scam.If you have already sent money stop all contact immediately and report them …Despite being on bail on suspicion of money laundering, police said Foster sent the money abroad to Ghana without question.When she returned on bail on 11 August 2015, she was further arrested on an additional count of money laundering.

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