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Thank you for the fantastic support you and your team at Elite provided us for our upgrade to the G1000 digital RC1000 system. Lauren was fantastic in showing us how to use the system; from proper turn on to turn off and all the cool stuff in between.

She took time to answer all of our questions and it helped that she’s such an enthusiastic pilot.

Since the initial success of these games in the early 2000s, video game journalists have begun to refer to a group of similar games as belonging to the social simulation game genre.

Several other social simulation games have emerged to capitalize on the success of The Sims.

Clients use our simulation software to simulate large scale logistic systems and infrastructures such as baggage handling systems, container terminals, train stations, assembly lines and football stadiums.

Our simulation software enables the user to cope with time, costs, resources, reliability, safety and sustainability.

INCONTROL Simulation Solutions is the leading manufacturer of simulation software with over 25 years of experience.

Our product portfolio contains Enterprise Dynamics®, Pedestrian Dynamics® and TOPVenue®.

More than 300 universities worldwide use INCONTROL’s education tools.

A tailor-fit platform is crucial for complex operations such as global supply chains that thrive on seamless system integration. INCONTROL has to be able to simulate processes wherein multiple factors come into play and may be interdependent.

INCONTROL solves these puzzles whether it’s an evacuation of stadium or malls, a routing system for cargo management or running container terminals.

INCONTROL finds its niche in academia and specialized industrial markets.

For instance, simulation ensures seamless operations in major hub airports where baggage handling bottlenecks can lead to costly flight delays.

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