Dating shorter guys cosmo

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What surprised me was that I was only interested in hooking up with shorter guys.

After years of trying to conform to what other people wanted and convincing myself that I should give up on the short guy thing, I finally admitted to myself that I really only enjoy dating shorter dudes.

Even if I don’t fit into his jeans, I still feel like I could probably fit into his pocket. Good boy.’ Related: HILARIOUS Text Reactions to Girlfriends Asking Their Boyfriends to Watch ‘Fifty Shades’ 4 He always upgrades you to the extra-legroom plane seats when you go on holiday.

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We’ve already done six different reenactments and it’s not even Friday. 10 If you’re short and you procreate with him, there’s a 50-50 chance your kids will be tall. 12 Your calves are super-ripped because you’re on your tiptoes all the time.Let’s just say that if the school needed a tree in the school play, I was the top candidate for the job.And, I’ve liked shorter guys as long as I can remember.In case you were curious, young, short boys do not like starry-eyed giant girls.The more interest I showed them, the more freaked out they’d get.

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