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Researchers hope their new technique could lead to the development of 'smart cities' where everything from bus stops to your own t-shirt can supply you with handy updates.Scroll down for video The technology, known as 'backscattering', uses low-power radio signals that already exist in the environment to send out information.'We knew women were prepared to spend a lot of money to look thinner so we spent two years working on it.' M Vives claimed the technique had been tested on 150 women. He added that in 80 per cent of cases the effects lasted 18 months with no need to diet or exercise vigorously.Parisienne Leila Talla, one of those who tested the device, said she lost 2.5cm from her thighs in half an hour.'We have no idea what the longterm effects might be. 'If you apply this close to sensitive organs, to nerves under the skin, which you can't see from the outside, there could be all sorts of damage.'The problem is that you may be destroying fat cells but I would not expect the damage to be selective to only fat cells.And the third uses cooperation between two smartphones to decode the message.The technology, known as 'backscattering', uses low-power radio signals that already exist in the environment to send out information.

'It turns the fat to a fluid which is picked up by the body's lymphatic system and is then taken to the liver where it is metabolised and evacuated from the body naturally over the next few days.' Burns are avoided by having a film of water between the cup and the skin, so the skin temperature is kept constant.Imagine stopping to look at a poster for a band and immediately being able to listen to their music on your mobile.That could soon be a reality thanks to new technology that can transform random objects into radio stations, ready to broadcast useful messages to your smartphone.The site was excavated between 19 by British archaeologists in Egypt under the direction of Sir Flinders Petrie, who identified the site as Beth-pelet.Other scholars, however, are probably correct in their belief that the site is instead ancient Sharuhen, an important Egyptian (Hyksos) fortress during the late 17th and early 16th centuries BC.

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