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He will not be automatically deported because his sentence was under 12 months, but his career in medicine in this country is over because of his conviction.

Boila was stopped by Border Force officers as he drove his silver Audi off a ferry at Dover in January 2013.

Later settlements included those of the Cucuteni-Trypillian culture, a late Neolithic archaeological culture.

There is archaeological evidence of human settlements in the area of Iași dating from the 6th to 7th centuries (Curtea Domnească) and 7th to 10th centuries; these settlements contained rectangular houses with semicircular ovens.

From this population derived the plural of town name, "Iașii".

National Crime Agency investigators found they contained extreme pornography, including images of children being abused and animals being mutilated.

The name of the city is first found in a document from 1408.

This is a grant of certain commercial privileges by the Moldavian Prince Alexander to the Polish merchants of Lvov.

Other explanations show that the name originated from the Iranian Alanic tribe of Jassi, having same origin with Yazyges tribes Jassic people.

The Prut river was known as Alanus fluvius and the city as Forum Philistinorum.

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