Dating heel in stocking woman

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It is also a haven for those that love stockings & pantyhose, as we feel that nylons and tights compliment silk and satin perfectly!• Only Silk And Satin review » Only stockings, uniforms, lingerie, pantyhose, gym girls, miniskirts.

They're ok with closed toe heels, but while wearing open toe heels, in my opinion, it's a major fashion faux pas. I'm not sure why these things have such an impact on me, but it simply looks remarkably nice. WOW, i really enjoyed not really a stocking fan as i like women in tights, tights are much more fun when pulling down tho i have to admit stockings are better for easier access for a guy.i can remember ( how can i forget phew ) a good few years back when i was sat on the front row whilst attending a course when a guy 2 seats to my right asked the very smartly dressed lady doing the talking a question, as she came to him she crouched down in front of him but pointed her knees towards me, she must have been crouched for a good 5 mins but all this while she had her legs parted and i could see straight between her legs to her white panties , her stocking tops and suspender belt on one side, now normally NO woman would perform like that as their knees are normally super-glued together not even letting a breeze up there.Well, then you just have to take a look at Stiletto Girl...• Stiletto Girl review » Lacy Nylon is updated every few days and the quality is never compromised.-Gray Put me squarely in the camp that thinks a pair of legs in stockings is sexy. By the time he's got YOU stripped to your stocking adn garter it women matter if you are wearing them or stockings ? at the motorcycle show this past weekend ..later after the show when describing what chopper i liked that was on sale i just described it as the one beside those girls ...everyone said ,,say no more ,,oh ya that one ...But the whole stockings, skirt, heels thing sucks for camping. However, in reading just the posts from the guys in this thread the consensus is that most men love seeing hosiery on women's legs. If I look in the mirror and like what I see and I feel comfortable wearing a particular piece of clothing, then I wear it. If what I happen to be wearing is a appealing to the opposite sex I count it as a bonus.

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