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Perusing around I don't agree with all this guy's advice columns, but his deconstruction of the hamster wheel is entertaining here: Warning...Maureen Dowd's comment that he references may send you running for the toilet to retch. I've read some of her dating opinions occasionally. That's the most honest, without being antagonistic, advice a bitch will ever read anywhere. They're rather curl up with their cat and pint of ice cream than re-evaluate and change.Likes: my dog, laughter, my kindle, honesty, music, curiosity, sprawling vistas, leisurely walks, foodgasms, volleyball, kisses, lattes, road trips, manhattan(the place and the beverage) and anything benedict (except for arnold), and kindness. Dislikes: calories, bugs, dishonesty, tomatoes, black licorice (and anything that tastes like it), eye rolls, poor grammar/spelling, tactlessness, juggalos, black coffee, doing dishes, and the price of gas.Cat owners are being urged to exercise their pets in a similar way to dogs, to halt the rising number of fat felines.XHamster Click - New & fresh content updated every minute.

This implies the passage of several wheel-less millennia even after the invention of agriculture and of pottery, during the Aceramic Neolithic.I can't even handle the amount of "why can't men just accept a woman who acts like a coworker instead of demanding that women work to create an emotional attachment with them.I mean that's why the women's rights movement exists so I can do whatever I please and men have to submit" It's sad that our society is so fucked up that it is taboo to suggest there be intimacy and compassion in a relationship.Overweight cats are susceptible to bladder or urinary tract diseases and kidney disease, as well as conditions like asthma and arthritis, due to joint damage from carrying extra weight.Just as in humans, obesity can increase the risk for a range of life-threatening ailments such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

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