Dating a salvadoran guy

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Even bringing girls back to the hostel at three in the morning was acceptable. Here’s a link about Latin American Cupid dating: As I didn’t get to see the whole city, I cannot give a great day game report.

The young Salvadorian guy that works the front desk is awesome. While I’m sure there are a few malls that could work for day game, as stated previously, you don’t want to do much walking outside. The place is not teaming with chicks, but you’ll find approach opportunities if you spend a bit of time there.

However, the city of San Salvador can be incredible – if you stay safe.

Yet, El Salvador is worth a trip for a couple reasons.

I actually enjoyed the look of the city, in a weird way.

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Don’t expect the top Salvadorian girls to throw themselves at you instantly, but they are accessible if effort is put in.

The place has everything you need and it’s relatively safe.

This means that staying close to Plaza Futura may be a bit expensive, but it is worth it.

The country is quite dangerous and I wouldn’t recommend spending too much time there.

The locals you’ll see at the clubs and bars are often quite friendly. San Salvador and El Salvador as a whole has a nasty gang problem.

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