Dating a former sorority girl

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Two hard-partying brothers place an online ad to find the perfect dates for their sister's Hawaiian wedding.

(When Rachel went through recruitment, Michigan State had 13 NPC sororities; when Terri went through at Northwestern, there were 12.) So to make the process less of a shitshow, recruitment is divided into highly structured rounds that take place over the course of several days.If you go to a smaller school, with non-NPC sororities, the process will be different — way more casual and less choreographed.It’s also different if you’re joining in the “off” season (winter/spring semester at a lot of schools), or if you’re you’re joining a sorority from the National Pan-Hellenic Council (the historically black sororities and fraternities, also known as NPHC). We are two former ~sorority women~ who were very involved in Greek life in college.The rules — which are set and enforced by Panhel (also known as PHA), a sort of sorority-wide congress — are there to ensure that all PNMs are given a fair shot and feel welcome and comfortable, and that all the sororities are operating on a level playing field.Despite the persistent stereotypes of mean sorority girls, they actually do want to meet you — and genuinely want people to like them and want to join their house.

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