Dating a cpa

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I stumbled across Pw C's letter to Mitt Romney from 2012 and shared it with everyone for #TBT.

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Have any questions regarding the operation of our affiliate network? Get in touch with your personal manager and receive timely knowledgeable assistance whenever you need it. Today, the state is the legal home to 1.1 million companies, 95% of which have their principal location in another state or country.Tens of thousands of businesses list the same Delaware addresses, home to their incorporating agents.This enables accountants to tolerate inconveniences gracefully in other areas of life, too. If you're not an accountant and you're reading this, uh, #1: Welcome! and #2: Sure, try dating an accountant if you've never had a stable relationship. Corporate secrecy is a thing in the US and if you want to set up a shell company to buy a house or some land you can do that pretty easily, all for less than you pay in rent. The so-called Panama Papers show how the firm Mossack Fonseca set up shell companies for the rich to shield their millions from the prying eyes of tax authorities and the public.The firm’s most common destination was the British Virgin Islands, where it worked with more than 100,000 entities.

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