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Soon, you’ll make new friends and attend all sorts of events, even play parties!

My advice on where to start looking for community events:

In my experience, wearing a suit and tie helps to bring my little girl’s Little side to the surface.

In fact, I’ve taken to wearing pink ties that my Lolita just melts over.

The BDSM community is small and looks after its own.

It’s difficult to shake a “creeper” reputation once gained.

The group setting also mitigates the “creeper” issue.

If at all possible, go with someone you already know.

She met me at the event, helped me get comfortable, and introduced me around! Don’t feel pressured into letting your Little side out if you’re nervous. Community protocol dictates that it’s ALWAYS best to ASK first before you touch anyone, period. Discussion Groups: People gather to discuss specific topics.

She even gave me some polite advice on who was or wasn’t safe to be around (there is always a risk of bumping into someone with a “creep factor” and it’s nice to have someone looking out for you). It’s helpful to have an “out” too, a friend who can call you a half-hour in to see if you need to make an exit. Until you’ve established a serious relationship, no one owns you. If someone demands you submit on a first date, oh my, RUN! Sometimes groups have pre-written questions like, “What are some struggles you face as a slave in your vanilla life?

Third, when meeting a potential Little for the first time, do so in a group setting.

BDSM socials allow the opportunity to chat with others who are into BDSM and meet and make new friends.

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