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Tom Maddox on Cyberpunk ftp.u./public/alt.cyberpunk -essay by Tom Maddox on cyberpunk Tom Maddox on Schizmatrix semi./pub/schismat -essay by Maddox on Sterling's Work Tom Maddox Interviews William Gibson ftp.u.public/alt.cyberpunk Tom Maddox Locus articles ftp.u.public/alt.cyberpunk -Tom Maddox' articles from Locus Magazine The Turing Option (2 unpublished chapters) by Harry Harrison and Marvin Minsky wuarchive./doc/minsky ftp.u./public/alt.cyberpunk UK Dance (Raves) [email protected] subscribe uk-dance [email protected] UFOs (images, NASA files) vab02Under World Industries -group network putting out underground media United Phreaker's Inc. Un Plastic News [email protected] org /pub/cud/misc/journals Virtual Reality Info /pub sunee./pub ftp.u.public/alt.cyberpunk ftp.u.public/virtual-worlds Virtual Reality List [email protected] subscribe virtu-l Virtual Reality Research Info ftp.u./public/virtual-worlds Virus-l Digest [email protected](also virus-l on BITNET) -discussion of viruses and all aspects of 'em Virus 23 FAQ ftp.u.public/alt.cyberpunk -FAQ file for cp/new-edge zine Virus 23 Voices In My Head, Mind Vox: The Overture by Patrick Karel Kroupa (Lord Digital) org /pub/cud/papers/mindvox ftp.u./public/alt.cyberpunk WAX: The Discovery of Television Among the Bees a film by Davids Blair ftp.u./public/alt.cyberpunk -reviews and info about David Blair's cyberdelic film Wicca /info/misc Womack Interview ftp.u.public/alt.cyberpunk -Jack Womack interviewed by Virus 23 Worldview - Der Weltanschauung [email protected] /pub/cud/wview -hacking, computer underground, church of subgenius, political, etc. Spinrad, Norman - Agent of Chaos (fiction) - Little Heroes (fiction) - Other Americas (fiction) - Streetman (fiction) - Bug Jack Barron (fiction) Stafford, Peter - Psychedelics Encyclopedia Stang, Ivan - High Weirdness By Mail. Drugs on film Stelarc - Obsolete Body Suspensions Stephenson, Neal - Snow Crash (fiction) Sterling, Bruce - Artificial Kid (fiction) - Crystal Express (fiction) - Difference Engine (with William Gibson) - Involution Ocean (fiction) - Islands in the Net (fiction) - Mirrorshades: A Cyberpunk Anthology (editor) - Schismatrix (fiction) - The Hacker Crackdown: Law and Disorder..Zen and the Art of the Internet by Brendan Kahoe /pub/zen pub/net/zen pub/zen gutenberg/etext92/zen10* ________________________________________________________________________ | | | Usenet Newsgroups: | |______________________| alt.alien.visitors Space Aliens on Earth! Fringes of culture sources - Three-Fisted Tales of Bob. Frontier - Globalhead (fiction) Stevens, Jay - Storming Heaven: LSD & the American Dream Stoll, Clifford - The Cuckoo's Egg.PGP (Pretty Good Protection) Encryption Source soda./pub/cypherpunks Phantasy [email protected] /pub/cud/phantasy -anarchy, hacking Phillip K. 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Coming Robotopia Sheldrake, Robert - A New Science of Life:....Dick [email protected] celebrating the famous sf author Phrack [email protected] message body org /pub/cud/phrack -historic cyberspace hack/phreak/cu-news zine Phreakers/Hackers/Anarchists org /pub/cud/misc/pha.2 -just what it says Phreaker's Handbook org /pub/cud/misc/phreak1-a phreaker's handbook Phreaker's Handbook #1 org /pub/cud/misc/tph-1 -another phreaker's handbook Phuckin Phield Phreakers org /pub/cud/ppp -phreaking P/hun org /pub/cud/phun -phreaking, hacking Physics [email protected] org /pub/cud/pirate -pirating, software cracking Play it Again, Pac-Man by Charles Bernstein /pmc Playlist [email protected] alternative radio/dj playlists and discussion Post Modern Archives /pmc -good source to look for files on and about postmodernism Post Modern Culture Journal [email protected][sub pmc-list your name] [email protected] Z Security /pub SFRaves (San Francisco Raves) [email protected]/pub/sfraves -rave culture, mostly in the Bay Area Smart Drugs Info ftp.u./public/alt.drugs So Cal Raves (Southern California) [email protected] Social Organization of the Computer Underground Masters' Thesis by Gordon Meyer org /pub/cud/papers/meyer SOUND News and Arts quartz./pub/journals -e- version of the popular zine South East Raves [email protected] Review ftp.u.public/alt.cyberpunk -review of the cyberpunk performance artist Sterling Essay ftp.u./public/alt.cyberpunk -speech by Bruce Sterling on the Information Society Subgenius [email protected] quartz./pub/subgenius Surfpunks -surfing the edge of the net, hypermedia Survival Research Laboratories (SRL) Info ftp.u./public/alt.cyberpunk -info on the industrial robot group Syndicate Reports org /pub/cud/synd -phreaking, telco info, etc. Formative Causation - The Rebirth of Nature: Greening of Science and God - The Presence of the Past: Morphic Resonance ....Cleverbot is a software program that learns to chat from the responses given by human users who have conversed with it. However, cleverbot is just a computer generated system where it talks with many people at a time. It has learned over time to impersonate human chat by communicating with millions of people online. : When you click on Think About It, cleverbot and you both would be chatting. When you ask a question to cleverbot, it automatically associates with someone who is on cleverbot and then they answer your question, and you do the same. It means that you can talk or ask anything from cleverbot and it will respond you back as messages.

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On this site, one can get answers of any questions by their intelligent Robot programming. Cleverbot will give you answers as it has learned earlier. Cleverbot is a very interesting artificial intelligence website, created by a scientist Rollo Carpenter.Till now we have been chatting through Mobile, Facebook, Whats App, etc.TAP-Online org /pub/cud/tap -phreaking, hacking, anarchy Techno Nomads (Steve Roberts) [email protected] -the guy featured on Donahue & Mondo's list -nomadness, ham radio, mobile communities, etc. Shelley, Mary - Frankenstein (fiction) Sherman, Barry - Glimpses of Heaven, Visions of Hell.Telecom Privacy Digest [email protected] Telecom Digest [email protected] -deals with all aspects of telecommunications Temple ov Psychik Youth /pub/topy-online Temporary Autonomous Zones (TAZ) by hakim Bey semi./pub/ Terence Mc Kenna "New Maps of Hyper Space" semi./pub/mckenna Think Net [email protected] -philosophy, systems theory Three-fisted Tales of Bob Review semi./pub/stclair Timothy Leary's 8 Circuit Model Title 18 org /pub/cud/law/us.e-privacy -relating to computer crime & email privacy. alt.artcom Artistic Community, arts & communication. VR Shiner, Lewis - Frontera (fiction) - Deserted Cities of the Heart (fiction) - Slam (fiction) Shirley, John - Eclipse (fiction) - Eclipse Corona (fiction) - Eclipse Penumbra (fiction) - Total Eclipse (fiction) - City Come A'Walkin' (fiction) - Heatseeker (fiction) - Transmaniacon (fiction) - A Splendid Chaos (fiction) Shulgin, Ann and Alexander - PIKHAL: A Chemical Love Story - The Controlled Substance Act Sieber, Ulrich - International Handbook on Computer Crime Sirius, R. & Rudy Rucker (eds) - A User's Guide to the New Edge Smith, Thomas - Industrial Light & Magic: The Art of Special Effects Solomonides, Tony and Les Levidow - Compulsive Technology...

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