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If any body is interested in chatting with cleverbot, then first open cleverbot website i.e. A simple procedure for chatting with cleverbot is explained below: First write your message or any question in the box provided for texting and click on either “Think About It! A human-like representation, in the form of a three-dimensional model used in computer games, that exists in a virtual world where the human-like representation operates with artificial intelligence and/or is controlled by a real-life human. Peter Vajk org pub/cud/papers Mid West Raves [email protected] Machine Digest [email protected]/pub/mind-l ftp.u./public/alt.cyberpunk -brain stimulation, nootropics, etc. alt.censorship Discussion about restricting speech/press. acad-freedom.* Academic freedom issues related to computers. alt.conspiracy Be paranoid -- they're out to get you. Industrial musicians profiles - Modern Primitives - PRANKS! Cybernetics, virtual reality, simulation Rivlin, Robert - The Algorithmic Image: Graphic Images of the Computer Age Roberts, Steven - Computing Across America Robinson, Spider - Mindkiller: A Novel of the Near Future (fiction) Ronell, Avital - The Telephone Book: Technology, Schizophrenia, ....Mind Vox: The Overture org /pub/cud/papers ftp.u./public/alt.cyberpunk -excellent essay by Patrick Kroupa (Lord Digital) on Mind Vox MUD Info edu /pub/mud [email protected]"mud list" in subject Music (lyrics/discographies/etc.) edu /pub/music National Security Anarchists org /pub/cud/nsa -phreaking, hacking NE (North Eastern) Raves [email protected] Celebrities List hplaa02ch netcel Net Jam [email protected], musc makers, etc. alt.cult-movies Movies with a cult following alt.culture.usenet A self-referential oxymoron. - Crack Wars: Literature, Addiction, Mania Roszak, Theodore - The Cult of Information: The Folklore of Computers... Wilson, Peter Wilson) - M2k: User's Guide to the New Edge (ed.General Hacking Info org -good places to start General Net Info net mil ftp.u.-for the more anal stuff (RFCs, netinfo and the like) Gibraltar [email protected] of artistic and progressive music GIF Pictures (general archives) /pub/images hubcap./pub /pub Giger FAQ ftp.u.public/alt.cyberpunk -FAQ for noted "Alien[s|^3]" artist H. Giger Globe Trotter org /pub/cud/misc/globe-1.x -hacking around the world, cyberpunk Grunge [email protected] music Hacker's-Network org /pub/cud/misc/hnet.1 -hacking, published in Britain Hacker's Unlimited org /pub/cud/misc/hun-1.2 -hacking, phreaking Hacking Away at Counterculture by Andrew Ross ftp.u.public/alt.cyberpunk /pmc High Weirdness by E-mail [email protected]/public/alt.cyberpunk -guide to some interesting sources of information on-line The Human Evasion by Celia Green semi./pub/ Hypertext and Hypermedia: A Selected Bibliography by Terence Harpold semi./pub/ IBM Files edu /pub edu /pub Informatik [email protected] /pub/cud/inform -hacking, phreaking, computer underground, cyberpunk, etc. alt.graffiti Usenet spraypainters and their documenters. alt.hackers Descriptions of projects currently under dvlpment. alt.hypertext Discussion of hypertext -- uses, transport, etc. Burroughs Murphy, Pat - The Falling Woman (fiction) Myers, Norman - Gaia: An Atlas of Planet Management Nelson, Theodor - Cumpter Lib/Dream Machines - Literary Machines Orwell, George - 1984 (fiction) Otomo, Katsuhiro - Akira Pagels, Heinz - The Cosmic Code: Quantum Physics As Language of Nature Palmer, Thomas - Dream Science (fiction) Parker, Don - Fighting Computer Crime Parsegian, V. Neuropharmacology Penley, Constance & Andrew Ross (eds.) - Technoculture Perry, Paul - On the Bus.The Inslaw Affair org pub/cud/papaers Inter Text [email protected] org /pub/cud/misc/journals Intro to the Computer Underground by The Butler org /pub/cud/papers/intro IRC (Internet Relay Chat) Info edu org /pub/irc edu /pub /pub The Jargon File (same as The Hacker's Dictionary) wuarchive./pub net /doc /pub/doc nic./pub/doc edu /pub Kcah org /pub/cud/misc/kcah.* -hacking, computer underground Ketamine Info ftp.u./public/alt.drugs KLF/ORB List (Trancentral) [email protected]/pub/klf Legion of Doom/Hackers Technical Journals org /pub/cud/lod -hacking, brought to you by the famous masters Leri-L [email protected]@edu ftp -mailing list devoted to meta-programming, philosophy, expanding consciousness, etc. alt.individualism Individualist discussions alt.industrial Industrial culture, etc. alt.meditation.transcendental Contemplation of states beyond. alt.mindcontrol You WILL read this group and ENJOY it! Story of Ken Kesey and Merry Pranksters - Haight-Ashbury: A History Pfohl, Stephen - Death at the Parasite Cafe Pickover, Clifford - Computers and the Imagination Pirsig, Robert - Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance Platt, Charles - The Silicon Man Pohl, Frederick - Beyond the Blue Event Horizon (fiction) - Gateway (fiction) - Heechee Rendezvous (fiction) - Man Plus (fiction) - The Annals of the Heechee (fiction) Porush, David - The Soft Machine: Cybernetic Fiction Potter, Beverly - Way of the Ronin.Digital Games Review [email protected]@limbo.[body: 'help' and 'listall Digital. Drug Information /pub/alt.drugs ftp.u./public/alt.drugs Ecstacy Info ftp.u./public/alt.drugs EFF History by John Perry Barlow org /pub/eff/historical/eff-history EFF Information org /pub/eff/about-eff EFF Legal Case Summary org /pub/eff/historical/legal-case-summary EFF Mission Statement org /pub/eff/mission-statement EFF News (EFFector Online) [email protected] Press release (founding) org /pub/eff/historical/founding-announcement The EFF and Virtual Communities by Mike Godwin org /pub/eff/papers/eff-and-virtual-communities EJournal [email protected] -implications of e-text Electrix org /pub/cud/misc/electrix-001 -hacking Electropolis: Communication & Community on Internet Relay Chat by Elizabeth M. And Other Threats to your System Mc Affrey, Larry - Storming the Reality Studio.Reid org /pub/cud/papers/electropolis E-List Review Service [email protected] [sub libref-l your name] Extropians [email protected]@[email protected], cryonics, anarcho-capitalist politics, technological extension of human intelligence and perception -serious discussion from an informative perspective -the first two addresses are for realtime and digest versions, respectively, the third is for essays and longer posts of interest only Extropians (seperate from the above) availablae on listserv as xtropy-l [sub xtropy-l your name] -not run by the Extropy Institute 4AD [email protected] of bands on the 4AD label Fact Sheet Five - Electronic [email protected] /pub/newsletters/F5-E ftp.u./public/alt.cyberpunk uk /literary/newsletters/f -the e- version of the famous zine FBI Computer Systems org /pub/cud/papers/ Fine Art Forum [email protected] of Leary, Robert Anton Wilson, Dr. Folklore qurtz./pub/folklore Freaker's Bureau International [email protected] /pub/cud/fbi -anarchy, hacking, cyberpunk Fringe Ware, Inc. alt.drugs.usenet Many things are addictive besides pills. All facets of the fasion industry discussed. alt.gathering.rainbow For discussing the annual Rainbow Gathering. Cyberpunk, postmodern fiction - Across the Wounded Galaxies Mc Donald, Ian - Out on Blue Six (fiction) Mc Hale, Brian - Postmodern Fiction Mc Kenna, Dennis - The Invisible Landscape Mc Kenna, Terence - The Archaic Revival - Food of the Gods - True Hallucinations Mc Lellan, H.

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Telecom Privacy Digest [email protected] Telecom Digest [email protected] -deals with all aspects of telecommunications Temple ov Psychik Youth /pub/topy-online Temporary Autonomous Zones (TAZ) by hakim Bey semi./pub/ Terence Mc Kenna "New Maps of Hyper Space" semi./pub/mckenna Think Net [email protected] -philosophy, systems theory Three-fisted Tales of Bob Review semi./pub/stclair Timothy Leary's 8 Circuit Model Title 18 org /pub/cud/law/us.e-privacy -relating to computer crime & email privacy. alt.artcom Artistic Community, arts & communication. VR Shiner, Lewis - Frontera (fiction) - Deserted Cities of the Heart (fiction) - Slam (fiction) Shirley, John - Eclipse (fiction) - Eclipse Corona (fiction) - Eclipse Penumbra (fiction) - Total Eclipse (fiction) - City Come A'Walkin' (fiction) - Heatseeker (fiction) - Transmaniacon (fiction) - A Splendid Chaos (fiction) Shulgin, Ann and Alexander - PIKHAL: A Chemical Love Story - The Controlled Substance Act Sieber, Ulrich - International Handbook on Computer Crime Sirius, R. & Rudy Rucker (eds) - A User's Guide to the New Edge Smith, Thomas - Industrial Light & Magic: The Art of Special Effects Solomonides, Tony and Les Levidow - Compulsive Technology...Cleverbot is a software program that learns to chat from the responses given by human users who have conversed with it. However, cleverbot is just a computer generated system where it talks with many people at a time. Cleverbot is a very interesting artificial intelligence website, created by a scientist Rollo Carpenter.Till now we have been chatting through Mobile, Facebook, Whats App, etc.

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