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Aren't you just making a very big security hole by doing this? So I have a call to the navigation service, and I have to save the password, and replace it afterwards. Here are the details: WPF Navigation Service blanks Password Box. COM Took me a while to figure this out, but here is a bit more complete bit of XAML showing how to bind.Password, which breaks the MVVM Password Helper Thanks, Can you help me about text block formatting? " User Pass" is the dependency property on the backend that I bind to: < Stack Panel> < Password Box h: Password Helper. Provides access to different result buffers like output, error, debug, verbose, progress, warning, and information.

Each control (table, list, wide, or custom) may have multiple entries.

I want to use approximation in text block contents,for example I have a double number like 14.34563466456 and I want to show this number in 2 float, means 14.34; how can I do it?

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For example, when listing files, you may want to group based on the parent path, but select different entries depending on if the item is a file or directory.

Base class for items in the PSInformational Buffers.

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