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My VBA project gets compilation error saying "Procedure declaration does not match description of event or procedure having the same name".

This is non-working my attempt: When I look into the object explorer I see that the doc for the Messenger class event handlers exactly assumes this implementation: Event On My Status Change(hr As Long, m My Status As MISTATUS) Member of Communicator API. Please, anyone, I have googled this for days now and I seem to be the only one on this planet facing these problems :( Office 2010, Communicator 2007 Thanks, Peer Thank you for sharing your code.

And just for grins, we asked him during a meeting to be brave and change his status to green to see what happened. Some folks I know believe that presence status is an indicator of their productivity.

For example, my coworker Mark (not his name) sets his presence timeout settings to the maximum (360 minutes).

Easily upload multiple users’ photos to Office 365. However, your suggestion won't help me since I can't do this manually.

Manage them with an intuitive GUI and use handy built-in cropping and resizing options. I need an auto update of the status through an event handler.

One of the suggestions was to listen to the On Contact Status Change event instead of the On My Status Change.

Best, Peer Peer - So I've implemented your code albeit in my original access database that i used my code for.

I've noticed the when my status changes it fires for both events you have.

Remember when presence was an indicator of your availability to communicate?

It was empowering to know that you could control interruptions and be ready to collaborate with others if they needed you. I am not really sure how it came to be, but a growing number of people are manually setting their presence to Busy and leaving it there all day long.

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