Communicator 2016 status not updating

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This event does fire BUT I need My Status which I can't capture since I am not in my own contact list. Here's what I ended up with: So, the On My Status Change event did occasionally fire and I now need to find out why it doesn't do that all the time.

The On Contact Status Change is working but that event is no use for me at this point.

This is non-working my attempt: When I look into the object explorer I see that the doc for the Messenger class event handlers exactly assumes this implementation: Event On My Status Change(hr As Long, m My Status As MISTATUS) Member of Communicator API. Please, anyone, I have googled this for days now and I seem to be the only one on this planet facing these problems :( Office 2010, Communicator 2007 Thanks, Peer Thank you for sharing your code.” So many users are using Busy as their “Available” that we’ve all started just IMing Busy people anyway. So many of us are now simply ignoring Busy status that we’re affecting our coworkers to who use Busy as a real indication of their availability to communicate.Here’s an example: A friend who runs a large Lync deployment shared with me that people at his company are afraid to use Available status because they don’t want to be bombarded with IMs. On the other end of the spectrum we have the people who are always Available, meaning A as their presence indicator, you might have IMed them anyway!Remember when presence was an indicator of your availability to communicate?It was empowering to know that you could control interruptions and be ready to collaborate with others if they needed you. I am not really sure how it came to be, but a growing number of people are manually setting their presence to Busy and leaving it there all day long.

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