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Also you can’t just have a fight with your husband in the kitchen, since other people are around, which is sometimes good. On raising kids jointly: My son, Dashiell, and their daughter, Tesla, are obsessed with each other.We’re planning on having only one child, but Dash still gets to have “sibling” relationships with children who live in the same house and eat breakfast with him and know him so deeply.Every morning you wake up to this gloriously clean kitchen, it makes you feel happier. On prizing quality time: One thing that surprised me was how you have to set times to hang out as friends differently from housemates.The grown-ups do movie nights at home or go to dinner together to maintain our friendship.In Belgium women with an employment contract in any capacity are entitled to legal maternity leave (FR/NL).And for several years now fathers have also been able to play a more active role in their baby’s life, thanks to paternity leave (FR/NL).The portal provides comprehensive information on the formalities connected with the birth of a child.In some communes you can also register the birth of your child at the maternity hospital.

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Even just, And there’s a constant stream of grandparents, there’s always a Pop Pop to jump into the arms of.Years ago, watching the documentary Happy, I learned about communal homes in Denmark, where multiple families and single people of all ages share a big space.(They had their own bedrooms and small living areas, but shared a huge cafeteria, gardens and playgrounds.) To me, it sounded like heaven!For instance, when it can lead to confusion (such as giving a boy what is generally considered to be a girl’s name or the other way round), when it is against the child’s interests (because it is offensive, absurd or ridiculous) or when it may cause damage to someone else (if an existing name is used as a given name, say).If the General Registrar refuses to register a given name and the parents are unhappy about that decision, they can appeal to a civil court.

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    A principal reason for the poor oversight is a lack of money.”In at least one way, the unequal treatment is formalized by law. It was not the official interviews by USCIS that detected Kakande’s habitual fraud — instead, it was two anonymous tipsters who alerted investigators to the scheme. A principal reason for the poor oversight is a lack of money.

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