Christian dating oklahoma city

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In the 1960's and 1970's there was a major swing in the thinking of the culture concerning sex. Looking back, it was not free and it was definitely not love.

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Why, I've had three lasting, loving relationships this month." "Recreational" or "casual" sex appears to be the norm in the media and the idea of waiting until marriage is seldom portrayed as an option. Henry Brandt, a psychologist, was speaking to some teachers in a large Christian organization.

" Keeping your sexual boundaries will let you know of the other person's self control, delay of gratification, ability to love sacrificially, and willingness to submit to God. It prevents love, integration and healing and it guarantees relational problems.

" No matter what your partner says, saying no to sex will be the only way for you to find out what he or she is like when he or she has to respect a limit.

He made the statement that "flesh against flesh is pleasurable." Josh Mc Dowell in his presentation to high school and college students often states that when it is between hormones and the Holy Spirit, hormones often win.

Our world and our bodies resist postponement of gratification and desire and often scream to be satisfied.

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