Chinese girl dating indian man

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This might invite scorn from “upright gentlemen” [fairer-minded people], but this is indeed how I feel.I work as a cleaner at Dixie chicken and someday hope to be part owner of one--god willing.I am seeking a hot Chinese male who us educated and professional.They are quite nice, but speak Hindi all the time which I don't understand. - There are several Chinese woman who will get attracted to the goodlooking INdian ones, but most will have quick relationships, a few will stick for longer, and marginal will go ahead and get married to the INdian man UNLESS he is RICH, has really good status or SIMPLY WOW TO LOOK AT ! Any woman Chinese, Indian, Caucasian or African or Hispanic like guys who are honest, hardworking, respectful, accomplished, Clean and Healthy. Bottomline is this is 2013 and race is not an issue anymore.

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