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but besides being about a woman eventually succumbing to her secret lust to become a white slut for black cock, it is also very heavy on the idea of eating CUM and uses the forbidden 'N' word sparingly but affirmatively for enhanced story telling.If this offends you, please don't continue reading. Yes, I know not every black man has a 10 inch cock.So even after we broke up, I kept wearing them, treating them as a required accessory, just like I did jewelry.In college I discovered garter belts and stockings and thigh highs, and often wore those underneath my clothing to feel sexier...but the reality is, the idea of being a slut for black men is one of my most constant fantasies...and I know I'm not the only woman (or man for that matter) who shares this. from Japan (I'd love my own submissive geisha) to Australia (maybe get to play my own version of outback) to Russia (God I love Russian women's eyes... In my eyes you're being racist or bigoted when you're putting people down, not when you're extolling their virtues, and somehow I feel there's something really virtuous about a black cock... Note 4: This is dedicated partly to Gemini, a long time follower who loves the idea of cum eating.... Thanks to: Tex Beethoven, Robert and Wayne for editing this lengthy story.

Jake was a very good looking, well-built black man.

continuing when his boss walked in to talk to him for a couple of minutes... the risk of getting caught only enhancing the rush. At first I blamed it on having two high school kids (we were always on the go... Emery seemed to just work more and never be at home).

We had fucked in the bathroom at the airport even as our names were paged to board the plane; we had fucked in the hot tub during a party while others watched (college was pretty wild); we had fucked at my sister's wedding... I definitely blamed his work as he was always working late hours as he tried to make partner. Now my daughter was in college, although still living at home, and my son was a high school sophomore. as each had their driver's license and their own car.

Summary: Teacher takes 40 loads of black CUM a variety of unique ways.

Note 1: This is an April Fool's Day 2017 Contest story so please vote...

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