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Here’s what I have learned online about Rollfast bicycles: – There isn’t anywhere online to look up the serial number and use that for dating – but the guys in the forums recommend Classic Bicycle News’ Rollfast book for the answer to all such questions.In any case, we can’t find a serial number stamped on the seat tube or bottom bracket – can anyone suggest where else we should look?

Throughout that time, several notable models were produced.However, Western Auto Supply started expanding its business with other products and stores in 1921 and eventually entered the bicycle industry by manufacturing Western Flyer bicycles around 1930.Throughout production of the bike, the Western Flyer was recognized for quality at a reasonable price.Western Flyer changed the colors of each model from year to year along with using serial numbers to identify the year and model of each bicycle.When the Western Flyer bicycles were being produced from the 1930s to 1950s, they sold for about .

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