Carbon dating is being affected

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Moreover, in 1352 it was subjected to a ferocious FIRE in Chambery chapel, France, which singed and damaged it extensively (see Fire below)“ a great many materials, including textiles such as linen, wool and cloth … The high surface areas and porosity of these materials makes them very efficient absorbers of all sorts of contaminants resistant to the pre-treatment cleaning”.

used to make the Linen of the shroud: ‘as the flax grew, C14 had a preference for the central fibres rather than the proteins, waxes and fats coating the plant.

The cloth has historically been named as the burial shroud of Jesus Christ and bears a mysterious image of a crucified man.

"The marks on the shroud are of exuded blood, belonging to a man who was tortured and crucified," he added.

Until recently, the shroud was kept in a Turin cathedral that was devastated by fire on April 12.

After it was rescued through the heroic efforts of firemen, the cloth was moved to a secret location.”“boffins from Oxford University dropped a clanger when asked to date ancient rock-paintings by South African bushmen.

They in turn sent the rocks to Oxford University’s AMS unit – which found the Turin Shroud was a fake – and their results confirmed that the rocks were the first bushmen-painted rock.

Then 72 year old Mrs Ahrens saw the articles, and revealed she had painted them in art classes.

Hypothetically, what carbon-dating of the Shroud could tell us was the year in which the flax from which the linen of the shroud was manufactured ‘died’ – stopped exchanging carbon with air, and had the same proportion of stable and unstable carbon atoms as the atmosphere.Unlike many other radiometric dating methods, carbon dating has been calibrated for historical periods and within that range can give reliable results.C must be younger than 50,000 to 100,000 years, assuming that adequate precautions have been taken to eliminate contamination."It cannot be from the 14th century, but is much older and far more consistent with what we know of the crucifixion of Christ." Adler said the Shroud could be the same age as another shroud, in Oviedo, Spain, that has been carbon-dated to the 7th century.The accuracy of the carbon-dating tests have been disputed by many scientific experts.

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