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He bought me a First Edition of Tender Is The Night for a birthday present. It is magnificent and romantic — much like the man I married. I tucked it under a scarf until I’d got a look at him and made sure he didn’t have horns and a tail.

Thankfully, he accepted my invitation without hesitation (tick), he was a charming and funny guest who also arrived with flowers (treble tick) and at the end of dinner he asked me if I’d consider going with him to Paris the following weekend — which boosted his rating off the top of the chart.

Of course, then it got very messy and horrible, with divorce and unhappiness for his wife.

So she was pleasantly surprised to find that I was 27 — the same age as her. And his wife and baby were both at the party, which I discovered through a mutual friend halfway through the evening. ) and I ended up giving Don a lift (I think his wife had left earlier).

Over the ensuing months, as I sat at her desk telling her what stories I had garnered from the previous night’s Haringey Council meeting, neither of us could possibly have guessed we would end up making three children together.

She didn’t like my housing committee stories very much, and didn’t try in the least to protect my ego. Moreover, we were both in other relationships, so sex seemed out of the question.

My wife Jane was my superior when I first met her in 1989.

Whether she still is today is a matter of debate — but there was no debate on my nerve-racking first day as a cub reporter on a local newspaper, the Hampstead & Highgate Express.

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