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For the second portion of the list, see List of words having different meanings in British and American English: M–Z.(adj.) constituting an alternative, offering a choice (UK usu.Royal College of Surgeons, American College of Surgeons) a lease or grant of premises or land for a particular use, or the so contracted-out service, as in concession stand, i.e.a counter, stand or area at public entertainment venues where snacks or drinks are sold, often at inflated prices a concession stand(also condo) a type of joint ownership of real property (as an apartment building) in which portions of the property are commonly owned and other portions are individually owned; an apartment in a condominiuma small, flat baked cake *(UK usu. Occasionally used to indicate who is next in lower a vehicle headlight's beam, typically when approaching vehicles travelling in the opposite direction at night (US: dim); hence dip switch (distinguished from DIP switch) (US: dimmer switch) (n.) a pickpocket (slang)5 shilling coin or equivalent amount (obsolete; used in slang until the early 1970s, especially in "half-dollar"=half-crown, but some re-stamped Spanish dollar coins were used in the UK in the late 18th/early 19th century)a score of zero by a batsman in cricket, supposedly derived from the zero-like shape of a duck's egg.military division used to help the country after a disaster in (American) football, one of two offensive positions on either side of the center or a defensive position across from the center (nose-guard) main road (as between cities) (divided or dual highway) a road with two roadways and at least four lanes (UK: dual carriageway, motorway) (highway post office) in the past, a bus transporting mail that was sorted en routepawn (n.& v.) ("I can borrow a dime from the barber, an' I got enough junk to hock for a blowout" – Jack London); prison (both from Dutch) * debt the end of a smoked ham * to hock-a-loogie, to spit (esp. domesticated, castrated male reared for slaughter to take more than one's fair share of something (road hog) motorist who holds up other traffic by driving slowly or out of lane; any bad drivera small, out-of-the-way place, as a restaurant, with a negative connotation. "just a hole-in-the-wall place you've never heard of, but they serve the best steak in the city."see Federal holidays in the United States (the Holidays) the days comprising Christmas and New Year's Day (and Hanukkah), and often also Thanksgiving (used esp.

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for parking ("parking lot") or selling ("used car lot") automotive vehicles.

in the phrase "happy Holidays") festival, whether or not generally entailing a public holiday: "Halloween is my favorite holiday" In Am E widely used also to mean the physical structure and property, and references to them, e.g., "home loans", "homeowners", and "tract homes".

This usage is overwhelmingly predominant in commercial language and public discourse, e.g.

senses, off one's base (crazy), to get to first base (esp. constr., to get a first important result); more recently (slang), a metaphor for one of three different stages in making out (q.v.) – see baseball metaphors for sex; more s.v.

home runroom, in a home or hotel room, containing a toilet, related washing facilities, and often, but not necessarily, a shower or bathtub (Hence "Going to the bathroom" is a euphemism for going to the toilet even in a setting where one would not expect to find a bath, e.g.

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