Books on dating after death of spouse

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If ever God had given me a gift, it was Rayna, and I married her before she had time to change her mind.We felt that God had brought us together, that something redemptive and powerful was happening.This doesn't mean you're trying to replace your loved one.It just means you're ready to open your heart back up to someone new. It doesn’t matter if he’s a widower, divorced, or a bachelor. Men can’t be forced into loving someone For some reason women have this idea they can charm a man into loving them.

Your friends and family can be powerful sources of strength and encouragement, but in the end you must be willing and determined to connect with people and move on with your life.

Rayna recognized the confusion, so she intentionally changed her tone when interacting with the children. I watched, amazed, as her gentle approach and acknowledgement of the new environment validated the kids' feelings and helped ease the transition. " Rayna graciously endured the questions, but I saw clearly the need to love and honor my wife in public.

Spouses entering a blended family are faced with an abundance of awkward social interactions. I even tried to pre-empt the awkward questions, affirming Rayna's role in our family. As our new family grew together, Rayna and I knew we needed to honor the children's past, too.

Two years after Cyndi's death, I met Rayna, and I was soon surprised to discover that I'd fallen head-over-heels in love.

Rayna was beautiful and sweet, and she knew how to make meals that weren't limited to carrot sticks and cheese tortillas.

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