Ben whishaw dating hayley atwell

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My mother was a Bluebell dancer and the model for the statue in the middle of the fountain in Sloane Square.' Does she get along with her father these days?'I can't talk about my father,' Scacchi says flatly. Too dysfunctional.' Pamela also lived in West Sussex, in Haywards Heath, after her break-up and brought up her children single-handedly, until she married an Italian professor, Giovanni Carsaniga, when Greta was 15.Today Scacchi is happily settled with her husband - who is also her first cousin and oldest friend - Carlo Mantegazza.They live with their son, Matteo, nine, and Leila, 16, Scacchi's daughter by D'Onofrio.She sobbed to her agent's secretary on the phone that she was hideous.'I've got a magazine saying you're one of the 10 most beautiful women in the world,' the woman replied. 'Well, I don't know, because I remember the first time I saw myself on screen, in Heat and Dust, I just hated everything I was doing, I just hated myself,' Scacchi says, putting her hands to her neck in a strangling gesture.Although there was a lot of tutting when they got together, unions between first cousins are perfectly legal.

And when the lights came up I ran out, down the stairs and on to Piccadilly and hid in a doorway gasping.

But the relationship is still a struggle: antagonistic beyond belief.'She herself was three and her twin brothers five when her father Luca Scacchi, an Italian painter, separated from their mother, Pamela.

He turned up during holidays with amazing presents of parmesan and prosciutto, food that was unavailable in England at that time.

'I've really been the sole parent,' she says of raising Leila.

'[Vincent] gets to see Leila for holidays but he's never wanted to participate in any of the parenting things. 'It's very difficult when you've done something as enormous as having a child with somebody and then they become your enemy.' Is he still her enemy, after so long? No, I really shouldn't use that word, it's too strong.

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