Appropriate behavior for dating Xlove sex chat

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However, my two cents for whatever it's worth is, just because this is an internet dating site shouldn't mean that we can behave without morals, truth and integrity. The mosh pits inflicting bodily harm, The skinned knees from skate boarding, and Butts stuck in upside down kayaks.

I personally don't mind throwing some shock value at people like this, and they know who the one is that is having all the fun ... I have learned so much in my 40 years, and the one thing that becomes clearer and clearer to me daily is that our time on this planet is very limited, and we better do what we want to do and act the way we feel like acting .... Perhaps the problem with the term "age appropriate behavior" is in the defination each of us has. And help clean the place up when it's finished ......What they do here on this site they would never consider, let alone do, in their "real" life. And stopping off at the humane society to adopt a dozen cats.Most believe they will never get caught or found out. The "Youngs" are only jealous 'cos we've got the experience And the Energy. Where I will come home put on an old nappy sweater, support hose, and yell at the dang 30 something kids down in the pool to hold the noise down.I think we have earned the right to be as wild and crazy as we like at this stage of the game... However, be careful where you get your 'criteria' for age appropriate behaviors. But older folks being exhuberant, curious, spontaneous, funny, sexy? It can be harder to find at this [email protected] Pinebreeze: Wouldn't hiking plum/buck naked result in some scratches, wounds or rashes (poison ivy/oak??? That being said, I am your happy, healthy flower child.The only rule I follow came from my Great Grandmother at 103... (an old mountain expression for living your life without harming others! Our generation really doesn't ascribe to all that "age appropriate" BS they forced on people back pre-60's.

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