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I love life,love to laugh and enjoy each day as it comes.

I`m high energy and low maintenence and don`t plan on changing. talitha, you old darlin, you...good to see you out an about in tha threads agin....our age its good to be seen anywhere i reckon ..couldnt resist, darlin...

She had red hair and a love of life and everything fun.

The beauty of being over 45, for me anyway, is that the kids are grown, and for the first time since my first child was born when I was 20.... I loved having my kids and raising them, but I always put myself on the back burner. I love this time in my life right now and I certainly don`t feel a day over 30!!! I`ve met VERY OLD 30 year olds and incredibly YOUNG 60 year olds!!!! ....i am soooo glad it aint a law ta act our age ....'sides, whats tha alternative to old age...that thought alone enough to make ya do nekkid happy dance in yer kitchen I SPENT THE LAST QUARTER CENTURY OR SO DOING WHAT WAS RIGHT AND APPROPRIATE CUZ I WAS RAISING KIDS.

We pass this way but once..I don`t want to leave this world with regrets... now that they are successful and adult, its all about me,, and i do as i please and what pleases.

She never wore polyester clothing when her children would buy it for her.

And my list could go on and on, what a wonderful human being , and always so much laughter, but never age approiate.

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