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However, Galba became emperor briefly after Nero committed suicide June 9, 68 CE and seven months later Galba already was murdered January 15, it is assumed 29 August was the starting date of the Alexandrian New Year, and 30 August every 4 years.It means the reign of Galba in the first Alexandrian year lasted only from June 9 to August 29, close to 3 months, while year 2 lasted from August 29 to January 15, about 4.5 months.This fit suggests the new year 2 of the Caesarean era starting at the end of summer in or around August.In this case, a start early August would offer a good start as will be shown.First of all, it could explain a brake in the local dating.There was a continuous year-count from the arrival of Pompey in 64/63 BCE (when ) towards 19 BCE in the time of Augustus.

The starting date for the coins of Galba minted in is still debated.

According to archaeological and historical sources the story of Greece began deep in prehistory, and has continued to our days.

This timeline outlines the major periods and events of the Greek civilization from the Mesolithic period until the end of the Hellenistic Era.

From there it is continued up to 19 BC, and continued again later in the reign of Augustus.

Caesarean year 1 missing would support the suggestion this was a very brief first year.

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