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have daily pickups/deliveries from all the courier services to this site and reception to accept my deliveries when I am out, so no problemos the last 10 years.Glen Bowker 4/38 Investigator Drive, Unanderra NSW 2526 Phone: 0428 620 545 e-mail: [email protected] website: I specialise in guitar amp repairs, tube and solid state, manufacture of custom pedal boards and power supplies, PA amps and mixers and some FX pedals.I do amp repairs for most of the regional music shops plus Bondi Intermusic of Bondi Junction (Sydney) a well-known boutiquey shop, they have been sending their valve amps to me for approx the last 10 years; this includes the CARR amps from North Carolina USA, which they import.I also now publish a weekly Blog, which includes examples of interesting repair jobs, etc, with photo's.We also specialize in custom designs, regardless if it's a pre-amp, a poweramp, a small mixer or anything you might want or have in your mind! We work with confidence and years of fundamental knowledge, no Chinese production! We are real people, we have a name, a face and you can contact or visit us.We listen to your requirements and don't do just impersonal sales. We also specialise in valve(tube) technology and manufacture Tubetesters, High Voltage Power Supplies, Tube Microphone Power Supplies and many more.

PO Box 334 Northcote VIC 3070 Workshop located in Preston Hours: By Appointment Phone: 0431 826 785 E-mail: [email protected] Gavin is kind enough to host the mirror of this site] Rockhampton district, Central Queensland Repairs, installation & maintenance of Broadcast TX, Studio, Pro audio, tube guitar amps, PA & stage lighting systems. 4702 e-mail: [email protected] Phone: 0417 746941 Hours: 9.00am to 5.00pm Mon-fri Electronics for the Music Industry Dave Atkin PO Box 571 Caboolture QLD 4510 Phone: (07) 5432 8581 e-mail: [email protected]: am to pm Mon - Fri Saturdays by appointment only Please call or email for Workshop Address We service and repair all brands of Guitar & Bass amplifiers, PA Systems, Mixers, Studio Equipment, Synthesizers etc.Our websites: (local) We are also on Google: Delta-audio-engineering/about Delta-audio Co Nz/about If you are a technician working on audio gear or a musician with a technical problem or a deeper interest, then consider joining the friendly, knowlegable and helpful like-minded people in the ANZAmps Yahoo! The retro-future stylings of the Flying V, Explorer, and Firebird.Even before the world was introduced to these iconic axes, Gibson was rolling right along.No other guitar company spans time like Orville's namesake enterprise.

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