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“The video and the stills were all taken in March of 1937, as she made her preparations for the first attempt where she ended up wrecking her plane,” said Pat Thrasher, president of Tigher.

Gillespie and Thrasher believe they have located wreckage of Earhart’s twin-engine Electra, and hinge their theory on the evidence of an aluminum sheet and a sonar streak found at the tiny, uninhabited Pacific atoll of Nikumaroro.

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At the time, Earhart was already a celebrity – a hero during the Great Depression, a lecturer who endorsed products and hobnobbed with Herbert Hoover, and a pioneering woman in the male-dominated world of aviation.

What may be the last surviving footage of Earhart sat on a shelf for more than 50 years until John Bresnik’s death in 1992.

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Before that, she worked in Casper, Wyoming for two years where she anchored and produced the weekday and evening newscasts, totaling 15 broadcasts a week.

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