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In 1998, MTV began , one of its longest running shows and a staple in its ever-evolving repertoire.

A list of episodes gives a good sense of the show’s range of interests. The shows have title cards and a soundtrack, but there aren’t inlaid graphics or cuts to expert opinion.

Distressed viewers called upon MTV to have Child Protective Services look into the situation.

The event set in motion a series of criminal justice procedures for Amber, who began a five-year sentence on a drug charge in June.

Too much focus on nailing down the distinctions of reality and fiction, one producer once said, “would be like saying [to viewers], ‘Well, you know, an episode of , it is kept separate from the observational footage that makes up most of the show.

“Teen pregnancy is 100% preventable,” says a message that several times an episode.

But overall, puts a great deal of effort not to judge the women it presents. Shame breeds shame,” Catelynn learns at a retreat for birth mothers where she’s asked to literally burn away her regrets about putting up her daughter for adoption.

Almost every episode features some sort of discussion between a woman and her mentor—GED counselor, school advisor, or shrink. ” Amber asks her GED counselor; “I see tremendous growth in you guys,” Catelynn’s adoption counselor repeatedly tells her.

Within a few years, the channel included features on vagrants, drug addictions, and school shootings.

It doesn’t work for white people or for black people. It isolates people into little units — people need a larger unit. curiously and carefully represents one of the greatest contemporary trends in American social life of the last few decades: the gradual diffusion of the household, or the anti-family.

– Toni Morrison, quoted in Nina Power’s , Maci Bookout, one of the show’s four mothers, attempts to take a family portrait with her fiancé Ryan and their son Bentley. *** Over the last 20 years, MTV has been quietly documenting large subsets of America practically invisible in other media.

The camera lingers as she discusses birth control options and the doctor pushes in the device. “If I got a job, I would only make enough to pay for daycare while I work,” Maci says while finding ways to continue her education after the birth of her son. In one episode, Farrah buys a puppy and the camera focuses on her daughter Sophia in the pet store, laughing as tiny dogs jump and lick her.

Several minutes later, Amber yells at her boyfriend for not understanding that she needs to get out of the house to retain her sanity. There is a limit to the radicalism of the show’s vision.

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