Amber portwood dating sex offender

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Distressed viewers called upon MTV to have Child Protective Services look into the situation.

The event set in motion a series of criminal justice procedures for Amber, who began a five-year sentence on a drug charge in June.

Amber struggles in vain to obtain her GED, where Farrah is able to move away from her family to pursue a degree in culinary management after graduating from a community college.

The camera surveys as they try to square their own goals with the thorny difficulties that come with raising a child, from less time for school to custody battles.

The popularity that all four have gained outside the show—regular magazine covers and speaking engagements—rarely appears to intervene in the cycles of care and self-development.

In the show’s first episode, we watch as Catelynn has an IUD inserted.

The overall effect, though, is that of a quiet observer.

MTV’s documentary shows display a frank and non-judgmental attitude to the situations at hand.

They’re shows made for teenagers who don’t want to be condescended to, and in the channel’s quick shifts from the serious documentary work to the youthful euphoria like that of , its producers display a certain confidence that teenagers will make of the programming what they will.

MTV doesn’t quite know how to handle such a stereotypical “bad mother,” and in more recent episodes, prefab housing and wall-to-wall carpeting are replaced with a swanky Malibu retreat where Amber appears to be the only guest.

A sly paternalism also sneaks in at the end of every season, when the women meet up with Dr. Lined up on the couch, they sit in front of a studio audience while Drew acts as a condescending parent, showing the mothers where they’ve failed. ,” he asks Maci when she discusses her mother’s own teenage parenthood.

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