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“In retrospect, I probably would have done it differently and had, for example, a female coach sitting there with me and we’re kind of critiquing it.

Definitely, there would have been some things we did differently.” He says he hopes people can appreciate players, but as visual ones.

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“We started the game before the #Me Too stuff, so obviously it was created in a different light to the light it’s under today,” says La Ruina.He notes that “the friend-to-girlfriend [scenario] is called friend-to-girlfriend, not friend-to-sex” — despite the fact that the objective for the scenario is literally listed as “sex.” Unsurprisingly, the way the chapter plays out feels far more insidious than how La Ruina describes it.It’s heavily focused on the tiresome myth of the “friend zone,” as the player tries to push a longtime pal who’s already in a relationship into a sexual encounter.One of the ways to accomplish that, according to , is to openly objectify other women in front of your friend, in hopes of inspiring jealousy.La Ruina’s character lustily gazes at an off-screen woman at one point, commenting to his friend about how nice the stranger’s breasts are, and how he can’t help but think of “slipping it in.” Later in the chapter, after your friend has broken up with her boyfriend, she comes to your apartment. ” replies La Ruina, before cracking open a bottle of “good” wine and making a move on her.

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