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causing them to be filled with fearfulness and uncertainty.

Unlike the relatively mild, brief anxiety caused by a stressful event (such as speaking in public or a first date), anxiety disorders last at least 6 months and can get worse if they are not treated.

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For example, if people are obsessed with germs or dirt, they may develop a compulsion to wash their hands over and over again.People having panic attacks sometimes believe they are having heart attacks, losing their minds, or on the verge of death.They can't predict when or where an attack will occur, and between episodes many worry intensely and dread the next attack.Most people with depression can be effectively treated with antidepressant medications, certain types of psychotherapy, or a combination of the two."I couldn't do anything without rituals. It took me longer to read because I'd count the lines in a paragraph.When I set my alarm at night, I had to set it to a number that wouldn't add up to a 'bad' number." "Getting dressed in the morning was tough, because I had a routine, and if I didn't follow the routine, I'd get anxious and would have to get dressed again.

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    And so for every awkward first date, there was a better option a swipe away.

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