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They think that a lot of the time it’s something they have to abide by and appease to.

Logan: Okay, so well like recently, we were just like, “Oh and then it was just kind of, yeah, and then this happened and that happened,” it was just like, “Oh my god,” and we’re telling her like, “That’s serious.” We need to understand that that’s something you have a right to say no to.

Lily: One of my friends, she went to university, first week, got drunk, lost her virginity, and she regrets it so much. What if you’re sending like flirtatious messages, you’re sexting, is that kind of an implication that you kind of have to eventually say yes? You could’ve been like, “Yeah let’s go hang out at my bedroom.” All of it.

Logan: No, I don’t like there’s any type of groundwork you can lay at any kind of like preparation or you try to trap them into, that they have to keep a specific response. You could be down to like the last second before something happens, a “no” is still valid.

We often talk about consent as a simple matter of saying “yes” or “no” to sex – and in theory, it should be that simple.

But do you ever come across situations when it feels more complicated than that?

Adamo Ruggiero visited a Toronto high school to find out what the students have to say about what consent really means, how they talk about it with their friends, and how to answer some of the tough questions about certain circumstances. You can watch how Amado: Alright, so our first topic up, we wanted to talk about, “consent.” For us, we didn’t really talk about it in high school. My other used to yell at my brother and I before we left the house like, “No means no, and don’t get anyone pregnant.” That’s all she would tell us.

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The show continues to take LGBT representation to new heights, from Snake’s brother Glen coming out as gay in 1987, to the introduction of the show’s first genderqueer character.that’s all the education you get, unless you’re seeking outside resources which a lot of kids just may not think to do.Devon: I’m in grade 12 now, and the last time we talked about Sex Ed at all was in grade 9.Jacquelin: If you are just hooking up with someone, I think you can make that like sexy like, “Oh like I want to kiss you.” It doesn’t need to be like this, “Okay, like, yes or no, could you like sign this contract, I’m going to place my lips on yours now.” It doesn’t need to be awkward. Logan: Whoever is doing the coming on to needs to be the one asking, because the other person wasn’t like necessarily asking to be come on to whatsoever, it’s the other person making a conscious decision and a response to that should be to ask.Jacquelin: Maybe there was like an offhand comment or something from a teacher like, “Oh you know, if everyone’s happy that’s great, and if not, then that’s not so great,” but never explicitly…

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