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It's fun for us to be on the edge of our seat and wonder how if the fans are going to like it as much as you do.

But we think it's a real fitting, slightly subversive salute to 200 episodes.

"I'm really excited for people to see the kids in this, because they're really phenomenal. I thought that was a good choice."Thompson knew at the start of the season that he had to be the one to write the 200th episode."When I heard that the fifth episode of the season was going to be absurd and about a high school musical, I was like, ‘Uh, I will kill all the other writers,'" Thompson joked.

They did such a great job both embodying and interpreting these characters that we all know and love, from Sam, Dean, Cas, John, Mary, all the people we love from the show."That means that while Castiel will be in the 200th episode, it's going to be a different version of the angel fans know so well."Castiel is in the episode but I, Misha Collins, am not," Collins told E! "It just felt like such a great way to craft a love letter to the show and a love letter to you guys, the fans."That's why the showrunners and writers are extra anxious for the fans to finally get to see it."I'm so excited to see the fan reaction to it," Carver said. We took some risks and every time we do, we wonder if we've gone too far or if we've gone far enough.

It's very much meant to work on that level."And yes, since this is a musical..."There will be singing!

" Robbie Thompson, the writer of the episode, told E! "When I found out I was going to write the episode, I watched episode 1 through basically the last Chuck Shirley episode because that's the Winchester gospels. From all accounts, it's either going to be a screaming success or an absolute train wreck."So was Collins bummed that he didn't get to appear in the episode?

In 2008 he was cast in remake of movie named My Bloody Valentine 3D. Till now no dispute and complication has arisen in their relationship which can hamper their marriage relation.stars themselves were not so jazzed when they learned what the episode was going to be."I didn't have a positive reaction," Jensen Ackles told E! "The first time in I think 200 scripts I went and sat down in the showrunners office and said, ‘What in god's name are you doing?! I need to understand why this is happening.'"It took some convincing from executive producer Jeremy Carver for Ackles to finally come around to the idea."He gave very eloquent answers and did a great job of explaining why we were doing what we were doing," Ackles said."I guess I had been aware of this 'fan fiction' for a while and I felt like maybe if I ignored it, it would eventually go away.Jensen Ackles (born Jensen Ross Ackles) is an actor from Dallas. He possibly most known for his role in the tv-series "Supernatural", but he has also been in other tv- and movie projects like "My Bloody Valentine" and "Smallville".

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