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Prosecutors, meanwhile, said anyone else who believes they were victimized should contact authorities.

English (among Ashkenazis) · French (among Sephardis) · Hebrew (as liturgical language, some as mother tongue) · Yiddish (by some as mother tongue and as part of a language revival) · and other languages like Russian and Marathi Canadian Jews or, alternatively, Jewish Canadians are Canadian citizens of the Jewish faith and/or Jewish ethnicity.

One of his sons, Ezekiel, was elected to the legislature of Lower Canada in the by-election of April 11, 1807, becoming the first Jew in an official opposition in the British Empire.

Ezekiel was expelled from the legislature with his religion a major factor.

In 1759, in his capacity as Commissariat to the British Army on the staff of General Sir Frederick Haldimand, Jacobs was recorded as the first Jewish resident of Quebec, and thus the first Canadian Jew.

However, as Jacobs married a French Canadian girl and brought his children up as Catholics, he is often overlooked as the first permanent Jewish settler in Canada in favour of Aaron Hart, who married a Jew and brought up his children, or at least his sons, in the Jewish tradition.

Mitchell Gross, whose books include the suspense story 'Circle of Lies,' duped at least two women into investing about .4million in a sham company he set up, using some of the money to buy expensive artwork, a luxury car and a golf club membership, federal prosecutors said.

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They took vacations together to Japan, Panama and Brazil, and Johnson hosted a 'Meet Mitch' party to introduce him to her friends.Gross concealed the scheme by sending her phony tax forms and account statements, they added.Robbie Johnson of Florida filed a lawsuit against Gross in March 2008 claiming she met him on a Jewish Internet dating site.Eventually, he became a very wealthy landowner and a respected community member.He had four sons, Moses, Benjamin, Ezekiel and Alexander, all of whom would become prominent in Montreal and help build the Jewish Community.

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