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Most such devices are sold with several apps bundled as pre-installed software, such as a web browser, email client, calendar, mapping program, and an app for buying music or other media or more apps.Some pre-installed apps can be removed by an ordinary uninstall process, thus leaving more storage space for desired ones.They began appearing in 2008 and are typically operated by the owner of the mobile operating system, such as the Apple App Store, Google Play, Windows Phone Store, and Black Berry App World.However, there are independent app stores, such as Cydia, Get Jar and F-Droid. Usually, they are downloaded from the platform to a target device, but sometimes they can be downloaded to laptops or desktop computers.In 2014 government regulatory agencies began trying to regulate and curate apps, particularly medical apps.Some companies offer apps as an alternative method to deliver content with certain advantages over an official website.While it can also carry listings for traditional desktop programs certified for compatibility with Windows 8, it is primarily used to distribute "Windows Store apps"—which are primarily built for use on tablets and other touch-based devices (but can still be used with a keyboard and mouse, and on desktop computers and laptops).Mobile application management (MAM) describes software and services responsible for provisioning and controlling access to internally developed and commercially available mobile apps used in business settings.

Developing apps for mobile devices requires considering the constraints and features of these devices.Mobile UI considers constraints and contexts, screen, input and mobility as outlines for design.The user is often the focus of interaction with their device, and the interface entails components of both hardware and software.The term "app" is a shortening of the term "software application".It has become very popular, and in 2010 was listed as "Word of the Year" by the American Dialect Society.

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